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Innovative solutions for non destructive testing

CREO Engineering have developed a range of scanning equipment to assist in the Ultrasonic Testing of pipelines. 

Ultrasonic testing is used regularly to inspect pipelines for in-service degradation.  Maintaining probe contact is critical to the inspection and due to the various geometry and ultrasonic set-up configurations, in many circumstances, in order to maintain this requires custom mechanical scanners.

The scanner design maintains alignment of the send/receive probes and allows the scanner rings to be mounted on either side of pipe supports.  Scanning rings are mechanically connected and coupled to an optical encoder to ensure accurate positional data. The design uses a static internal ring giving a smooth operation regardless of the condition on the pipe surface.

Mechanical Pipeline Testing Equipment


Polyurethane Liquid Casting Rubber along with 3D printed moulds allows low volume manufacture of bespoke flexible rubber parts.  This process is ideal for resilient mounts, cable strain reliefs and grommets.  Multiple parts can be cast in one mould by designing in the runner and vent system.

3D printed assemblies for prototyping can be fitted with cast rubber parts to make a fully functional model.

Polyurethane Rubber is available in shore 20-95 with a selection pigments for adding some colour to your parts.

Mold for feet

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