CNC Turning

With the varying sizes of CNC lathes CREO are able to offer CNC turned components from small to as large as 900mm diameter. With the flexibility of the machine steadies allowing for longer components lengths such as shafts to machined whilst maintaining accuracy. CAD/CAM programming and advanced tooling also utilised to improve efficiency for a variety of materials.

Doosan Puma 2600

300mm Chuck Diameter

Max turning Diameter 480mm

Max Workpiece Length

Max Workpiece Length 760mm

Doosan Puma 400 Long Bed

550mm Chuck Diameter

Max turning Diameter 550mm

Max Workpiece Length 2093mm

Steady Rest 50mm—400mm

Doosan Puma 600

600mm 3– Jaw Chuck Diameter

800mm 4-Jaw Chuck Diameter

Max turning Diameter 900mm

Max Workpiece Length 1600mm

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